How can site welfare improve your team’s mental health?


Recent research shows that 49% of construction workers experience work-related stress. The combination of physically gruelling work combined with weather extremes and ever more competitive time pressures can all contribute to physical and mental hardship on site.

It’s been proven that when staff feel valued, productivity increases, absences from work drop and morale can improve. Creating a safe, comfortable onsite space for employees is one of the best ways to increase performance and ensure that your team feels appreciated.

Creating onsite spaces for your workforce to not only feel dry and warm but also a space where they can prepare and eat food, relax and unwind or even work privately when needed, can make a huge difference to your team’s mental and physical health.

Reactive Hire offers a wide range of cabins with a variety of functions. Most come with air-blown 12v heating systems, so even during the coldest of British winters your workforce will always have a warm comfortable space to relax in, most of our units also have a dedicated drying space so wet clothes and boots can be dried out easily. There is instant hot water as standard in all toilets and canteens plus a fully equipped kitchen with kettle and microwave for that all important brew at breaktime.

The majority of units have a dedicated office space with USB and electrical charging points meaning project managers can work in peace. Plus our Eco Ultimate electrical spec slashes exhaust emissions and is super-quiet to run, creating a quieter, cleaner workspace.

Or if the environment is important to you, our EcoPro units are solar-powered and come with water-saving technology. Almost zero harmful emissions or noise pollution on site. Plus fresh water flush as standard so no harmful toxic chemicals

Creating a quiet, comfortable and warm breaktime space for your team not only increases productivity it can also help your workforce feel valued, improving morale and staff absences.

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