Reactive Delivers UK’s First 100% Solar-Powered Welfare Cabin To Barhale


We are delighted to have delivered the first unit of our new world-beating EcoPro welfare range to civil engineering infrastructure specialist Barhale, who are using it on an environmentally sensitive Thames Water site at Greenwich Park in London.

Reactive are the first hire company in the country to offer these new patented EcoPro welfare cabins to customers, with this unit being the first of its type ever to roll of the production line of our welfare manufacturer Boss Cabins.

The EcoPro units operate almost entirely using solar energy and produce virtually zero harmful emissions. A rain water harvesting system means fresh water requirements are low. Waste production is also reduced via exclusive grey water recycling technology, micro flush toilets and waterless urinals. Just a tiny back-up biofuel generator is fitted to supply energy in extreme low-light conditions.

Over the next few weeks, we’ve got more demo EcoPro units shipping out to a number of other companies and locations around the UK.

Reactive Managing Director, John McClure commented:
“We’ve always taken pride in the fact that our fleet offers best in class on the eco front and now with this new EcoPro range, we’re taking that to a whole new level.

“We believe our EcoPro range really is the way forward for welfare – we can see how the world is changing and we know that in the future, all construction companies and work sites will have to take their environmental responsibilities extremely seriously.

“We’ve researched all the available options and we are confident that our EcoPro cabins provide the best possible option for carbon neutral and near zero emission operation on the welfare market.”


Reactive will be investing heavily in our new EcoPro range and we plan to add at least 70 of these towable anti-vandal Canteen Ofce units by the end of March, in a move which will significantly enhance the environmental credentials of our fleet.

If you would like to be next in line to try out our ground-breaking new EcoPro range, give our Sales Desk a call on 0845 4503203 or email

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