Welcome To Our New Team Member Corey Jackson


We are excited to welcome the latest member of our team – Corey Jackson, our new Sustainability Manager. As many of you know, Reactive is deeply committed to creating greener, more sustainable welfare hire products, most especially with our groundbreaking EcoPro welfare units.

Corey has many years of experience in the motor trade as well as the welfare & tool stores industry giving her a good insight into the massive task the construction sector faces in trying to become more sustainable and more ecologically minded and creating a credible, green future.

Being the mother of two girls, she is all too aware of the damage our choices make for the future of our planet and children. “When you look at the bigger picture, trying to fix the problem is going to take a huge effort. This isn’t just an issue in the UK, it’s worldwide. I believe that the majority of people & companies are beginning to look at what changes they can make and hopefully this will result in the reduction of unnecessary packaging, alternative ways to fuel cars, lorries and machinery and ultimately it will be better for our environment.” explains Corey.

Corey brings to the role huge enthusiasm and knowledge of the eco-welfare industry. She goes on to explain: “Being part of the Reactive team and seeing how well the EcoPro units work on site is great. Most site locations are the ideal place for solar energy. In the UK there is sunlight the majority of the time, even on wet and grey days. This means that the units can create free solar energy to charge the battery which in turn will boil the kettle, warm the hot water for the sinks, heat the unit in the winter, power the lights, and run electronic equipment in the office.”

Corey will be working closely with the Reactive team to ensure that the entire fleet is as kind to the environment as possible, driving forward our eco-welfare commitments and overseeing the evolution of the EcoPro range.

We would all like to wish Corey a very warm welcome and look forward to many new initiatives and products over the coming months.

To contact Corey directly, please email corey@reactivehire.co.uk or call her on 07983 301845