We’ve Just Invested 400k In A New Fleet


We’re excited to announce we’ve just purchased 400k of new cabins from mobile welfare cabin manufacturer Boss Cabins. This brings our total mobile welfare fleet total to 120 cabins!

In recent years mobile welfare cabins have really taken off. Initially, the industry standard cabins that we provided our customers were 6/7 man cabins, but as the market has grown, our customers have asked for larger products.

We’re always looking at adding value to our customers and being as helpful as possible, that’s why we’ve invested in such a dynamic range of cabins.

Our new range consists of:

• 15 man canteen + office
• 20 man canteen
• 15 man canteen
• 10 man canteen + office
• 12 man canteen
• 9 man canteen
• 7 man canteen
• 6 man canteen

Reactive Hire New Fleet