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Looking for a greener way to dry clothes on-site?

Our innovative Drying Room is not only a legal requirement on sites but also prioritises employee welfare by offering a convenient, standalone, low-energy, and low-emission means of drying clothes and workwear on any off-grid site.

Traditional drying rooms are notorious for their high energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, along with hefty costs for users. However, with the EcoPro Solar Drying Room, all electrics are powered by solar energy. Plus, our ultra-low consumption heating system uses just 0.25 litres of fuel per hour, ensuring rapid and effective drying without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

This towable anti-vandal drying unit is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, cost-effective to transport, and simple to deliver wherever a drying facility is needed on-site.

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    A Greener Welfare Solution

    Generator Free

    No generator

    All electrical operations run 100% from solar alone with no back up generator.

    Quiet Running

    Silent Running

    With no generator, there is 100% no noise pollution on site.

    Low Emissions

    Zero Emissions

    100% solar-powered. No fuel required. Zero fuel costs.



    Our cabins are highly durable and recyclable at end of life, minimising environmental impact.

    The Details

    Features Include:

    • SOLAR POWERED: All electrical operations run from free renewable solar energy supplied by high-capacity solar panels.
    • NO FOSSIL FUELS: A combination of solar-powered electrics and HVO biofuel in heater means only clean renewable energy is used.
    • CLEAN AIR ZONE COMPATIBLE: Suitable for use wherever emissions are limited such as ULEZ and other Clean Air zones.
    • EASY OPERATION: Simple one-touch system to start the drying process.
    • GENEROUS DRYING SPACE: Rails, hangers and boot racks are in full-width compartments with sliding doors for easy access.
    • LOW ENERGY SOLUTION: A low-consumption diesel heater uses only 0.25 litres of diesel per hour.
    • AVOID GENERATOR COSTS: No generator servicing or repair costs or inconvenience.
    • CHANGE IN COMFORT: Spacious changing room with padded benches and backrests.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: High-gloss interior walls, hard-wearing Polyflor floors and wipe-down benches are easy to clean and maintain.
    • ANTI-VANDAL PROTECTION: High-security door and lockable towing panel flap plus non-glass solar panels to prevent breakage.
    • Electrics powered 100% by solar – solar panels on roof, walls and extendable tray produce clean free renewable energy
    • All electrical items run from battery power alone – lights, USB chargers, 500W 230V low-power inverted 3-pin sockets
    • Solar energy stored in 1 x 512 kWh lithium-ion batteries
    • Ultra-low consumption diesel heater uses only 0.25 litres of fuel p/hour with minimal emissions
    • Heater is HVO biofuel-compatible. Use HVO to lower CO2 by further 90%. Swap between HVO and diesel seamlessly
    • No on-board generator means 100% silent operation at all times
    • Easy to operate – one switch power-on-demand function
    • Remote 24/7 online monitoring of solar energy production and usage plus heater fuel consumption, tank levels and faults
    • PIR sensor interior LED lighting. Exterior lights PIR-sensor and dusk-to-dawn sensor activated
    Attribute Measurement
    Unit Length 3650mm
    Unit Width 2300mm
    Unit Height 2630mm
    Towing Length 4775mm
    Towing Height 2900mm
    Net Weight 2211kg
    Fuel Tank 50 litres

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    No Fossil Fuel

    Run your cabin on HVO biofuel and cut up to 90% of CO2 emissions. Renewable, derived from plants. Interchangeable with traditional diesel for convenience.
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    Service Is At The Heart Of Reactive

    “Really pleased Bowmer + Kirkland have been able to work with Reactive Hire to be the first company to trial this exciting new EcoPro Solar Welfare unit - supporting us to work towards zeroby40. With the electrics powered entirely from solar energy, removing all generator-related emissions and the unit having 100% silent operation it will create an environmentally friendly, noise free welfare solution for many of our B+K sites nationwide. The unit is performing extremely well and the site team at Henley on Thames are very pleased with it… Amazing results - even during the dark winter months!”

    “By using EcoPro Solar Welfare cabins, it’s great to hear Bowmer + Kirkland Ltd are yet again leading the way with another low carbon solution on our construction sites to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards our zeroby40 ambitions.”

    "EcoPro Hybrid Welfare are powered by renewable energy, create low noise and air pollution whilst working towards Carbon Net Zero. I would recommend both the EcoPro Hybrid Welfare units and Reactive Hire to any construction site or business without hesitation."

    "They commit, they deliver. Small and nimble and I hope it wouldn’t change. The main reason I choose them, you can be more personal".

    "Getting the cabins there on time, with very little time to react. I feel like I can rely on them to get the job done. Very reliable".

    "Reactive are very attentive. Good with contact and approach. Very pleased with the pricing. Pleased with the product".

    "A good knowledge of what they are giving you. They know the product inside out, which is important".

    "Products are excellent. Staff are helpful, friendly, informative. Pricing rates are very very competitive. I think they are brilliant".

    "I know their products are good. Reliable. They deliver it correctly. All health and safety. Complete confidence".

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